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The #1 reason political ads have basically remained unchanged for several years. Each election season candidates go on TV and, in a soft, dramatic voice, tell the viewers how much they love you, and how much they love your children, and how they want a wonderful future for you, and for your children, and golly, I want to be the one to do it. And the soft music plays in the background, while we watch a montage of images of children and elderly people. Then those who are the most gullible voters sit back and think, "wow, this person really must care about me and my children. I mean, listen to the music!"

So, without any careful study of the candidates, they vote them into office, and when the now elected official starts pursuing special interest paybacks and forgetting about you and your children, the voter is stunned and outraged.

The #2 reason is voting down party lines, regardless of the qualifications of the candidate. To flippantly vote for a candidate based on party affiliation is not only wholly irresponsible, but shows blatant ignorance towards the percentage of voters who attempt to educate themselves during election years. After all, we're trying to elect the least evil candidate.
The Erie County budget disaster so outraged the community, that voters put most of the legislators back into office the next election year. Um..., now wait a minute. That sounds like voter stupidity. When we asked a voter, he said "well, I'm a Democrat, and even though he is one also and he was equally responsible for this mess, well, I just voted down the party line, you see. Plus, his commercial said he really liked me and my family."
by beastfan August 09, 2006
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An extremely long urban dictionary definition that no one reads in the end because they do not have time to read bitching at its best. therefore they turn to this definition.

The Voting into office of Scott Brown.

Now that Scott Brown is elected, we can sleep safely knowing that our health care bill and american rights as we know it are vanquished all because of the shift of majority of the house to republican control
Swizzie: I can't get get decent healthcare in Massachusetts

Dozer: well were all screwed because of your damn Voter Stupidity.
by BenDover101 February 04, 2010
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