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The real band hails from North Carolina. They have trademarked the name, so suck on that all ye who dare try and be as good as they are. All imitators will be crushed. The other so-called "voslung" band is a terrible band that shouldn't pass for music.
Did you see Volsung at Volume 11 last night?
by The REAL Volsung November 03, 2007
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1. An awesome Metal band consisting of Matt, Ross, Nick, Ethan, and Paul.
2. Volsung began when Matt prayed to the mighty Fat One, who rose from the sea in human form, known as Nick. Brutal, I know. With the Fat One's mighty power, he summoned Paul, our lead guitarist, and Ethan, our drummer. Together, we are Volsung. FTW!
Guy 1: Did you go see Volsung at Espresso Easley last night?
Guy 2: Fuck Yeah
by King SoaDian October 01, 2006
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