A small, upscale hatchback that shares it's platform with the Volkswagen Jetta. Name is derived from the Atlantic Gulfstream wind current. The car itself is agile and responsive, very safe, and will carry anything you can put in it. A great choice for a first car or an all-around runabout for those days when the family Audi is too snobby. The Golf is a car for anyone- it comes in petrol, diesel and hybrid variants- and even a racy GTI version. The Golf crosses automotive boundaries like no other. This is thanks to its sportiness, practicality and it's upmarket interior and build quality. Gas mileage isn't the best and it's not the flashiest car around but overall it is a great car.
"Damn Mike, this car seems to do everything!"
"Yeah... It's a Volkswagen Golf, what do you expect?"

*high fives*
by TheCarFanatic April 14, 2014
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A car that's created for turbo folk music. It can Create a big black cloud when he I around with his diesel engine. It loves rust.
Oh I seen a big black cloud down the road.it's probably a Volkswagen golf.
by Knowledge2521 July 12, 2018
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