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(1) volcano johnson = A super extreme cum blast and/or a man known to deliver such.

(2) Volcano Johnson. In the "Champs!" episode of the A-Team, a cover alias for B A Barracus (Mr. T) who plays the part of a boxer, even entering the ring for a professional bout. Therefore, a boxer.
FOXY CHICK: Look at that, Sharin'! He's lookin' fine!

SHARIN' COCKS: Yeah. He's a Volcano Johnson.

FOXY CHICK: He's a boxer? That makes sense. Boxers have great bodies.

SHARIN' COCKS: No, he's not a boxer, but, we fucked last year, and he came so hard I had cum cummin out of my ears!

by Little Amy June 09, 2006
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