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The craziest new form of Myspace communication since the Myspace IM. Dial a friend’s assigned comment number and instantly get a hold of a really excited automated message before you speak into the phone after the beep. What ensues post-beep is sheer chaos. Franticly searching to say something while you realize time will run out soon, and when that comes, you have three choices, save, listen, rerecord. You decide to listen, only to find that you sound like a complete jackass, and after the message has been heard, it is automatically saved and sent. One listens to the comment on your friends page in shame, then regrets ever even attempting it, or at least thinks about why they didn’t rerecord.
friend 1 "dude, I sounded like a fuckin idiot in your voice comment!"
friend 2 "naw, you sounded the same"
friend 3 "ahahaha, did you get mine?"
friend 2 "naw i haven't checked yet"
friend 3 "i sounded like a dumbass too!"
by vitascope September 03, 2006
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