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A game of drinking chance involving one or more people, where a bartender fills a number of shot glasses with either vodka or water equal to the number of participants. The bartender then distributes the glasses among the players and not knowing whether they have water or vodka they drink at the same time. (e.g. 6 players – 5 shots of water and one shot of vodka or 1 shot of water and 5 shots of vodka, etc...)
Hey, come over to my place tonight, I am inviting a group over and we might play vodka roulette.
by Ziggy Chestnut February 21, 2012
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A drinking game that mocks the original "Russian Roulette" except with a toy cap-gun. By poking out the holes of the caps until one round is left, you then go on to play "Russian Roulette." Whoever loses, has to drink a red solo cup (or equal quantity of measurement) of Vodka.
This party is boring man, lets start some games of Vodka Roulette and get messed up!
by SovietOvcharka May 31, 2013
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