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coming from the greek word viraliaith. Meaning to have a penis extending towards 10-14 inches(unerect). Usually most Virani males are known for thugging and fucking uncontrollably. Known for their lack of being vile and their excessive pimping.
Ex. Dont stay out too late, those Virani boys are coming to attack, and they dont play.

Actual testimonial
Susan Q:Yo trick, you hear about them Viranis?
Ronda R: No, but I hear theyre thugging, but please, do tell?
Susan Q: They're known for swanging their shit all up in ho's faces and letting out some of that good shit girl(in gallons)
Ronda R: for real girlfriend?
Susan Q: HELL YEA!
(High fives exchanged)
by R.Kelly April 13, 2007
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