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A real popular person that is usually surrounded by beautiful woman who adore him. A l33t H4><0R.
Man that guy has all the ladies, he is a real vipal
by H4><0R 5UPR3]V[0 April 21, 2003
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Visually Interesting, Plausible, and Logical. A design philosophy describing well designed on-screen graphics for Film or TV, (the graphics that appear on monitors and screens that are seen in a scene).

Graphics that are designed clearly and concisely, using the imagery to help tell the story, as well as reinforcing the ascetic look of a set/scene. Graphics must be both plausible and logical in reference to the real world, or the world created by the film/tv show.
Todd's V.I.P.A.L. philosophy is one that he incorporates when building playback graphics for a show; he believes it helps the viewers to understand and believe what they are seeing on the screen(s).
by Toddvideo June 02, 2018
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