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A girl who has a big heart and cares for freinds. She is a very pretty girl. She is also funny and kindhearted. Vimala is also known as Karen.
Girl 1 : you sure are lucky to be friends with Vimala (aka Karen)
Girl 2 : yeah I sure am. Vimala (aka Karen) sure is a pretty and funny girl.
by Cloud123/faaitah May 09, 2018
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A girl who has big dreams and doesnt gives up easily. Make friends easily even though they are shy, Many admires. Peace keeper but can loose control sometimes.

Once she loves someone, They would love that person with all her heart. Any guy who date her would be lucky enough to get her attention, and would regret it if they broke her heart

They sing with melody and doesnt care what other people thinks about it. They always know how to lighten up their surroundings with their humor.
A voice like vimala
by Heithere May 01, 2018
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