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a slang term for residents of villas, new jersey. a notoriously tough seaside town on the southern most tip. just north of cape may. also know as "kensington by the sea"
1.on any given saturday night you'll see atleast twenty villas rats hanging at 7-11.

2."dude i locked my keys in the car!" "charles can get in...he's a villas rat"

3.Q:what kind of rats steal bicycles? A:villas rats!
by villasrat April 26, 2009
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Term for a hood rat in the southern most part of New Jersey located near Cape May and Erma. A Villas Rat will typically be sort of rude. They may be missing teeth and could possibly be a druggy. They are known for stealing bikes and stuff like that. They mostly talk in an informal way and usually don’t have proper grammar.
My bike was stolen yesterday”
“I know I checked the cameras it was probably another Villas Rat, I’ll get it back”
by TwentyØnepotatoes June 21, 2019
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