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small in height, funny, caring, bipolar at times, loves to talk, very adventures. nurturing, great girlfriend, someone who everybody loves, needs, and want, if they say they trust someone they actually do because its very rare for them to say that. the cutest smile on earth. they have to biggest heart. can be mean sometimes but don't really mean it. mostly tan skin with beautiful hair and dimples. the name vijayata means W I N N E R, V I C T O R Y, & V I C T O R I U S . best kissers, have smooth skin. and a smile that can kill you, and deep brown eyes, short , so when they stand in front of you the reach exactly at the right place ( near your heart) someone you can live all your life who will take care of you still the very end. stand by you all your life, a complete wifey material, someone you can come home to, someone you can SHOW OFF bigtime, someone you can show you parents, friends and family. they always got you laughing, get mad at A lOT but then get over it and who are not afraid to be committed. so don't EVER let go of them
vijayata: how was you day babe?
boy: its was good
vijayata: are you tired?
boy: very

vijayata: bet, ill make you some good ass food & see you in bed in 5

boy: i love you babe
vijayata: hell nah i love you more.
by these niggas cant hold me back February 05, 2013
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