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View boys is the term used for the boys that go to St Ignatius college in sydney, more commonly known as 'Riverview', where the name 'view' comes from. Riverview is probably the best all rounded school in Australia, having great facilities, and the Boarders running the school. View boys are well known around sydney and they hunt in packs. View boys are fresh kents and rip shit up in all sports, especially rugby, rowing, athletics, swimming & lifting, most view boys lift and have amazing rigs, best rigs in the north shore. They are much more intimidating and dominant then the other groups in sydney, some other groups include the 'joe boys', 'shore boys a.k.a Tossers', 'kings faggots' & 'scots wankers'. The legend of the View Boys holds a special flag to express his dominance and symbolise the school as a whole. He has important roles in this duty that makes him the legend he is. The leaders of the view boys have a second home, called the Ag-plot, this is where the magic happens and regular meeting are held, planning the future of the View boys.
100% of view boys are pure skux's and fresh kents.
View boys rule the Oaks
If you ever meet a view boy, you better be ware cause he is more dominant then you
View boys know D.j Blue, so beware.
by KING OF GPS September 01, 2013
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