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A meaning which describes your expression of any situation, event, place, person, pretty much anything. Depending on the tone can be classified as a "Positive" or "Negative".

It can be used on it's own for a moment of frustration or pleasure, as well as excitement.

Pronounced: Vi-del-ga.
Example 1:

Person A: "What's body sushi?"
Person B: "It's where you eat off a naked woman"
Person C: "Videlga!" (Tone of excitement)

Example 2:

Person A: "What color do you think this painting is?"
Person B: "Videlga if I knew." (Tone of No Knowingness)

Example 3:

Person A: "Hey bro do you wanna go to Cheese Cake Factory"
Person B: "Videlga!" (Tone of Interest)
by SAZK-THEGREATS November 13, 2010
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