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Sometimes meaning God or Jesus, Vicenz is the wonder left back/goalkeeper for the N.A.B soccer club. Vicenz can be used to express love, anger and confusion all at the same time. Sometimes people are mistaken for thinking 'Vicenz Is The Greatest Thing On This Glorious Planet' the correct term would be 'The Planet Is The Greatest Thing On This Glorious Vicenz'

Vicenz is also the crusader of love, and is the only answer you can say on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire that is correct 100 percent of the time
1. Person 1: "Oi Vicenz!"
Person 2: "Wow i didnt know you loved me and were angry at
me and were confused about somthing all at the
same time"

2. Person 1: "Ok for 1 million dollars, in what year was the
telephone invented?"
Person 2: "Vicenz?"
by Patrick Vistoli November 27, 2007
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