From the band Vetiver.
Kids from the upper class wearing vintage stuff to look like their grandpas and grandmas ( overzised knitted stuff or tartan shirts ), listenning to alt music, are against mainstream things, study art at school, are keen on smoking pot sometimes with a glass of red wine. Obama changed their lives.Morrissey is their hero. Sean Lennon too.

Girls don't like to wear make up and wash their hair twice a week. They like to take Polaroid of themselves in front of a farm.They only read second hand books with a strong smell . A poster of Frida Kahlo's portait is stuck upon their beds.

They're hipsters, without the American Apparel-Cobrasnake-Scene-Electro touch.
A :Erin just came back from Norway. She bought me an old 60's army jacket and invited to have a cup of tea tonight.

B : She's so vetiver
by Avenger64 April 05, 2009
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