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One of the sweetest people you will ever meet in your life. At first when you get to know then they will start out as a really close friend but eventually they will become allot more than a friend. She is without a doubt a girl that only comes around once in a life time!!! She is beautiful beyond belief. She has the most gorgeous eyes and the prettiest smile, any girl would want to be like her because she is too perfect!!! No one else can possibly be funnier than her because she is the funniest of all the people. she's a complete sweetheart and one of the best people to love because she will love you back for u.
by Dj eman April 01, 2013
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A beautiful girl who kicks ass. She's funny and smart and short! She has big tits and a cute small ass but she loves to party!!People can mistake her as a slut but she just gets along with everyone. Well almost everyone!she's slighly clumsy. She will kick bitchs asses when it's needed and she will make sure that she gets her revenge. She's sweet and has a big heart, she is willing it do anything for her friends. She has lovable friends and she always does the best to make them happy. She loves to party and knows when to get serious. When she parties, it's a night you will never forget. She is stupid sometimes, but it's all an act to make you laugh. She goes through shit and knows how to handle it, which is why she lives life to the fullest!
by kbestfriend March 30, 2013
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