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1.) A person devoted to the art of communicating with remarkable style.

Similar connotation as "fashionista" or "recessionista," as in the suggestion of fanatical enthusiasm, but in the context of a passionate devotion to verbal, written and oratory skill.

2.) One who demonstrates panache, wit and savoir faire with their written and oral communication skills; a person with a slightly showy yet unquestionably gifted, highly creative and thoroughly artistic style of writing and communicating.

3.) A female who is beautiful in face and form, likely quite fashionable and stylish, and of an impressive eloquence; A supremely articulate, well-spoken woman whose beauty is rivaled only by the attractiveness of her agile mind.
"Although the presentation was entertaining, she could have conveyed the same amount of information in far less time had she not been preoccupied with being such a verbalista."

"I hate that bitch. Not only is she hot, but she's also got all the guys in the firm convinced that she's some girl-wonder genius verbalista with her fancy, flowery style."

"She's a totally shameless verbalista, that one... but she does make some compelling points."
by TheGoldenMuse April 30, 2010
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