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Venelope is a psychotic rich princess who loves to swear and curse. She is also sadistic and takes enjoyment in seeing others in pain. She also makes scary threats and usually means what she says in that manner. Venelope is also quite fun and sarcastic although she makes the wierdest jokes that can only be understood by those who are crazy. She believes all the best people are crazy. She is Arabian/British and loves to break the rules in anything. Venelope has been suspended from school many times and has experience in dealing with weapons such as bombs, guns. Her speciality is gun's and if you make her pissed, There is a 98 percent chance that her face will be the last you ever see. She goes undercover by many different names however her common nickname is Vene.
I'm Venelope, I'll fucking kick the shit out of you.
I'm Venelope, I always get what I want.
I'm Venelope, I'll be sure to rip your balls out one by one.
by IHATEPINEAPPLES August 02, 2018
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