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An acronym for Virtual Electronic Display Of Public Affection. (VEDOPA) Similar to PDA (Public Display of Affection) except expressed or posted on forums, websites or electronic devices.

Often used by (new) couples on sites like facebook to the annoyance and embarrassment of friends and family.
1. In response to a face book post-

Boy- I luv u sooo much my mushy bear boo! <3 :)
Girl - No, I LLUUUVVVV u more than the world poo-doggy. <3 <3 <3
Friend - "Enough with the vedopa you two, it's getting creepy

2. "If u post anymore vedopa I'm unfriending both of u!"

3. " Get a (chat)room, us singles don't want to see your vedopa all over the internet".
by The Blinguistist January 02, 2014
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