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not to be confused as veebster....EVER! unless you wanna be in a world of hurt

tiny asian....with the laugh of a goose next to a bull horn. dont make her laugh unless you can A. make out with her on the spot or B. you have time to waste while you wait for her to calm the hell down again

posses a "bird-hawk" for hair and whos skin is as black as night

cannot manage to paint her own finger nails but sure can obtain an enormous food baby

someone that you never want to be up against in games such as Hero and/or beer pong. she will crush you as she also posses an unhingeable jaw that allows her to down large quantities of alcohol. aka asian alcoholic

someone who is protected by her ho clan against such crazy d-bags named brittnay
"hey where's vebol??"
answer: probably partying with her bf
by raelyon September 24, 2010
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