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A beautiful mixed black girl. That is originally from New York. She is trying to find herself,her true self and learning each day trying not to care about what other people thing of her. She knows to do the right things,but chooses not to because she rather have fun knowing there are consequences later. She just wants to live her life and be happy,but to her it feels like shes so far from doing exactly that. Shes just trying to figure her self out. She likes to travel and take pictures. She is a Gemini,not that that matters but it kinda does to her. She honestly wants to live the best life find a true love one day and be happy. She wants to relive memories she once had but cant. She regrets a few really bad things and wishes she could reverse time so bad but she cant so she has to live with the pain,that she only knows wont ever go away. But she does try to forget and not think about it. She can be annoying at times but always lovable. Shes a princess, wanting to go to heaven but scared to change because she cares to much of what the world thinks of her. She is unfortunately very insecure but when shes with her friends she feels like she can be herself. She just wants to ride through a city at night while listening to drake to get all the problems off her mind it makes her feel so good to do things like that. She loves her friends so much,would do almost anything for them. And many more things.
There goes my best friend Vastoria.
by lipglossgirl March 04, 2018
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