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Such a drama queen. Always thinks he’s misunderstood but really he just fakes all his “bad experiences” doesn’t know what he fucking wants EVER because he’ll say he doesn’t like being lonely, and then say “I wan suffer” like bruh make up your mind. Smh
Bro1: bro that dudes a fucking idiot
Bro2: on god guy he’s a fuckin Varenya
Bro1: what a loser lol
by Urmommegagay May 17, 2018
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an asshole with incredibly shortness
incredibly loud with an ego bigger than the sun
smart with no idea how to use it
blessed by satan with looks similar to a cross between a chod and a really flabby ass
He's such a varenya, I hate that ugly-ass bastard.
by KazzooKid April 23, 2018
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