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When one has vapour rub put onto their chest against their will, or whilst they are in slumber. After the victor has completed the vapour rape, they go into a deep slumber whilst lying on the eucalyptus scenting chest of the victim. Usually performed whilst victim has a form of sickness. The victim will also not always be aware that the vapour rape has occurred, unless they smell the eucalyptus, or realise the vapour rub container is half empty after they arise from the deep slumber they rested from illness in.
John: Guess what I found out?
Isabelle: what?
John: Phoebe just rubbed vapour rub on Harry's chest against his will
Isabelle: Ew! Does harry know about this?
John: not yet, I'm going to tell him, it's shocking
Isabelle: isn't that called vapour rape?
John: yes OMG what a sick thing
by Known as the third wheel April 15, 2014
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