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(1) A condition, pertaining to, an individual who constantly believes that there is something wrong with their personal vaporizer, electronic cigarette or "e-cig." When, in fact, their 'E-cig' is working properly.
(2) A condition, pertaining to, an individual who believes that the general maintenance of an/their "E-Cig" is a reflection of the product being defective.
(1) John visits his local "E-cig" shop 3 times a week requesting that the staff test his device to ensure that it is fully functional. John's actions would make him a vapochondriac.
(2) Mary enters the "E-cig" store and tells a staff member that her tank is broken. In this case, the tank is not "broken," the heating element just needs replaced. Mary's actions would make her a vapochondriac.
by subohmlovin February 22, 2014
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