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Tucking one's erect member into ones waistband to avoid detection whilst in public.
My date with that really hot girl would have gone bad if it weren't for the Vancouver maneuver.
by M. Miller May 06, 2008
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Much like the large amount of precipitation that Vancouver, WA receives in the fall, the Vancouver Maneuver deals with a significant loss of liquids --- So make sure to hydrate!!

First, a subject (male or female) woos to ladies into a hotel room where they are provided adequate amounts of alcohol. Next, the two women - both seated facing the protagonist - are pleasured for several minutes with each hand until maximum arousal is reached (this works best if the hotel has massage beds). Then, just before the climax is reached, the recruiting subject lights a match or lighter under the sprinkler head... and Presto!! The combination of squirting subjects and emergency sprinklers creates the effect of the Washington climate; leaving the subject soaked!

For expert trials- use a rain gauge to measure the amount of success!
Jim: "*Cough *Cough, this room is soo dry... I could use a change of climate in here."

Stephen: "That's silly Jim, how would you do that?"

Jim: "Let me search Urban Dictionary... "

"hmmm...I think I have a solution... the Vancouver Maneuver.... ehh?"

Stephen: "Where are you going?"

Jim: "Miss Tracy's liquor store, I have an appointment."
by D-Tails November 18, 2011
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