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A gurl that dates a guy simply because he is easily p**** whipped. She causes problems between the guy and his family wherever she can. Always a lying drama queen. They usually only look good from the myspace angle. Also usually very unfaithful since they need to have sex with lots of guys to suck their lifeforce from them. You can tell when your friend is dating one when your friend starts showing signs of "bitching out" on social gatherings with the boys, and saying things like "Nah, I can't go out tonight man. My lady wants me to stop drinkin and spend more time with her".
Daniela-"That vampire snatch broke up with my cuz just so she could bone this other guy, then got back with him a few days later!"

Tiffani-"We'll stake that crusty vampire snatch!"
by crazy#47 May 03, 2011
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