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A game in ROBLOX that is very fun to play! It is about hiding or if u detective killing the vampire. And if u are vampire the fist person u kill will be vampire then u kill the rest of the people with ur buddy. But be careful! The detective is out and looking for the vampires! So Doge the bulets buy power ups and try ur best. But that only ally's for the node classic. Now I'll tell u the 2 other modes. Helpless. It's when there is 1 and ONLY 1 vampire. No detective just 1 vampire and the rest r survivors. But... The hard thing about helpless is it's hard to find people. So find them in time! Now. Vampire vs Human. There are a couple vampires and a couple detectives. No power ups work for that mode. So Yea. Last mode is (that I can't rlly spell) judegnature. There's 1 vampire with ALOT of health And the rest of the people are detectives Detectives shoot the vampire till he/she is dead. But be careful! Don't kill urself doing that. Vampire kill the detectives trying not to get shot ALOT. And that's all u really need to know about the game oh and also there are teams people say there bad but I'd say there good. So join the good skilled team or make ur own it's really fun and is a good way to make friends. And pluse if u make the team u have the privilege to kick people out 😉
by iiheart_ii January 17, 2017
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