a person who drives like an asshole, hits on underage hoes that dont vibe him, soops up his car like a wop, and punches walls when he realizes that the hoes he vibes dont vibe him at all and vibe others enough to give up the poon to someone other than him, a person who thinks that he is cool and that people like him, but in reality he is laughed at and talked about behind his back...

basically someone that thinks hes pimp but actually sucks the d

there is a boy in montreal, canada who has those tendencies
they call him vunot but he is also know as oscar the grouch
hey who the hell ripped up my street at four in the morning bumping beats just looking for people to be friends with?

definitely a v unot

you think the real v unot?

for sure. there is mainly really only one
by chelseacohen June 24, 2008
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