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usfest is the anti-wefest. wefest is a huge country music festival every year held in Minnesota. Usfest is an annual party held the same time at many different locations. It is a celebration of friends who don't want to pay insane amounts of money to go camping and get drunk and be surrounded by horrible, trashy music. Usfest is traditionally held over a 1-2 day period and can involve camping. The only rule is that there is NO country music played whatsoever. whoever plays country music is a HUGE party-foul themselves. Typically, rap/hip-hop/techno is played at usfest.
"Dude, wanna go to wefest?" ... "Fuck no. I don't wanna pay that much money to be surrounded by that shitty as music. Why don't you come camping with us at usfest? It's 20times cheaper and the music is actually good!"
by x_C0MMAND0_x August 06, 2009
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