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Urban vampires are romantic, charming & most of the time male. They still have all the powers of vampires e.g super strength, speed e.t.c. But the most wonderful thing about urban vampires is their eyes. With just one look - BAM! He's got you right where he wants you.

If you hear people say "twilight is stupid" - its not, urban vampires are much like edward cullen. Stephanie myer (twilight writer) came up with twilight in a dream, so she has some kind of connection with them, but we don't know how...

Urban vampires aren't all romantic though, there are vicious ones that will do anything to get human blood(again, referring back to twilight).

There are spells to become a vampire, but that is for another definition, on another day.

Until then - sleep tight...
Guy: twilight is stupid. Urban vampires, too

Me : ┌П┐(◣_◢)┌П┐
by magic 888 March 28, 2013
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