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On your laptop you mistakenly select "Shutdown" instead of "Sleep". Windows begins the update process and request that you do not power off or unplug your computer. This usually occurs when your preparing to leave the library after a long night of studying.
Girlfriends text: "Hey you want to come over?"
You text: "Sure...leaving the library and will be there in 5 minutes!"

<Time Elapse>
Knock Knock...
Girlfriend: "You're 3 hours late..."
You: "Sorry I got update ambushed right when I was about to leave"
Girlfriend: "Oh no! Are you alright?"
You: "Yeah I'm fine."
Girlfriend: "What are you supposed to do?"
You: "Well usually I give up, smoke a bong full of Fruit Loops, and head to bed."

Thanks Microsoft!
by tm4c September 25, 2011
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