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This is a type of picture taken by cam-whores, most commonly 12 - 26 year old overweight females, and posted on their internet profiles, and very popular on such sites as myspace, flixter, matchdoctor, and adultmatchdoctor.

The angle of the camera/camera-phone when taking the picture is normally some where between 8 to 24 inches above the head, at an approximate 45 degree angle above the forehead. This is most common amongst overweight ppl who have a gizzard/double chin or even those that have a fear that they have one bc, with the camera/camera-phone at such an angle above the head the picture that is taken, at that angle, hides the gizzard under the chin, or it would if they actually had one, and often provides an interesting view of the chest of a female that does this...
The angle of view that is provided in such a picture is often very narrow, which itself often provides a very deceiving implication that this cam-whore is skinny, slim, or at the very least skinnier than they really are, when they may very well be so huge that they have their own zip code! Females more so than males have issues with their weight and that is why up-down-shots are more popular with females. Once any person, obviously females more so than males, truly matures and becomes an adult, more often than not a moment in their late 20s or early 30s, the likelihood of them using an up-down-shot in a profile picture greatly diminishes.

I'd like to see one of those fat-fucking walruses take an up-down-picture with a camera that has a wide-angle lens!!

(The guy meets the girl at the mall for the first time.)

You, uhh, ...looked a lot skinnier your, ...uhhh, ...profile picture...

(Thinks to himself...) *Perhaps you shouldn't have put up that ignorant up-down-shot as your main pic, you fucking deceptive cunt!!*
by MorpheusOne January 28, 2010
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