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1. IMAGINE your in a club and the strobes are flashing in your face. youve had one too many drinks and your arent quite sure were the fuck you are anyway.. as you look up from your frosty beer you catch the eyes of a total babe.. maybe a few years too young for you anyway. later, as you walking through the fleshy mob in the middle of the dance floor you bump into the same hott chick. she starts to dance for you and it is now more than obvious that she wants to be in your pants.

2. the crazy techno music in the background of a club.
unnc otss
"dange esse! Thats one crazy ass mofo chick, i woulnt mind unce ots-ing with here!"

" This club is pumpin' the techno beat is all UNNC OTS!"

"last night I went home, and I got some unnc ots!"

" This one time at band camp...unnc ots!"

"imma go get some poon" -"thats ma boy! UNNC OTS"

by trevor and macadoo July 24, 2006
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