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Parody of the word University. A college, usually private that is located in the middle of nowhere. These schools tend to target students who are nerds and jocks only. People brag on the nursing and communications department, yet students who actually go to this school will say that they receive no help. The cafeteria food is usually fake and sucks. Students who suffer from food allergies are better off eating their feces than plastic. It becomes very hard to make friends if you don't play sports. Due to the school being in the middle of nowhere, income for student activities is non-existant. People find a reason to bully anyone. No one even cares if someone dies unless they were an athlete and despite paying around $16,000 per year you get treated like you only pay $2,000.
Jamall: Hey man , how's school?

Mike: It sucks ass , I'm stuck at Waynesburg. That place is a total univershitty.
by Shlomo Livenstein February 13, 2017
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