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Migrating mainly from large, rural-based, state colleges: a univer-city transplant is a suburban-raised college grad who moves to the city which (they claim to originate from) shorty after school, in what they believe is a major step toward adulthood and individuality; but in reality is a parental-funded extension of the Greek-run college town bubble they so desperately miss.
UCT’s will commonly form small packs and take up residence in the city's trendiest and most expensive neighborhoods. The reasoning behind which is the aforementioned mom & dad financial support system and an irrational fear of not living "where the action is." It is a HUGE plus if any of these neighborhoods happen to back up against the campus of a city university as the local establishments will likely cater to the college-esque activities (bar crawls, tailgating, etc.) that they hold so dear.
Besides what is located within the boundaries of the neighborhoods they live in, univer-city transplants have a little more than a tourist’s knowledge of what a city may have to offer. However, they frequently try to affirm their self-proclaimed city-dweller status by dropping names of places that they consider to be hidden gems. In most cases these are well known institutions that even someone from out-of-state could point out. The use of Facebook to boisterously announce their newest “discovery” or “favorite spot” is also an annoyingly common trait amongst UCT’s.
"Gotta dig fall in Chicago! Love this city this time of year ;)"
-actual Facebook status from a UCT who has never experienced fall or any other seasons within the Chicago city limits.

Univer-city transplant: Hey man, my frat buds are having a birthday party @ Duffy's by my apartment, you should come!

City Resident: I don't think my wallet can handle Lincoln Park bars tonight. I'm going out in Uptown.

UCT: You don't have to make up neighborhoods just cause you don't wanna hang out, man.

City Resident: ...
by I'm just sayin'.... November 24, 2010
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