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That good good. That real real. That gas gas. That real shit. That ungungoo. The best of the best. The smoke of the smoke. That real high grade shit. It’s said that if you smoke to much ungungoo, you will possibly see your ancestors appear before you. Term is said to have originated in Wakanda before going to Jamaica and now the US.
“Yooooo bro my plug just got some of that ungungoo!! We bout to be smacked tonight!!”

*calls dealer* “yo u got some ungungoo?”

“Some what?!” *click*

“Yo hit this shit man. This that ungungoo so hit that shit slow. They say if you hit it too hard you gunna see your ancestors or some shit.”

*sniffs bag* “ahhhhhh that ungungoo”

“Bruh fuck that loud, that gas, and all that shit. We smokin on that ungungoo.”

“Bruh this ungungoo got me tooooo high right now”
by Johnnybravo66 June 15, 2018
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