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Underoos are children's cartoon underwear depicting cartoon characters. Popular cartoon characters on Underoos include Superman, Spider-Man, and Scooby-Doo.
child 1 - Check out my new underroos
child 2 - Sweet Spider-Man!
by teul2 September 25, 2006
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*Note* (Usually used when refering to briefs)
Greg's under-roos are to skidmarks as canvas is to paint.
by Bent Himself June 17, 2003
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A type of underwear, usually briefs, with cartoon characters designed for children.
One time I was getting changed, I took my shirt off and some kid pantsed me, this left my thomas the tank engine underroos completely exposed. They pulled them up and hung me on a hook, my underroos did not snap, break, or tear for twenty minutes. Which left twenty minutes for people to laugh, and turn around and spank me. I now receive wedgies on a daily basis, all in embarrassing underroos, sometimes though I wear diapers to avoid them.
by Johnny Tightlipss March 16, 2019
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Panties, underwear, briefs and boxers: all forms of undergarments that people wear. Possible a vulgar way or slang way of saying it.
You own 30 pairs of under-roos but only really wear about 4 pairs!
by RRR June 09, 2004
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