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The action of female grasping to line up the penis for proper angle of penetration prior to intercourse; woman on bottom. Most common when a guy (freehanded) rubs the head of his penis around the pussy lips and doesn't insert; frustrated the female will grasp the dick with a underhand grip and slid it in. The man will immediately feel gratified as the woman was unable to hold out any longer and executed penetration. Excellence is measured when a woman who plays extremely hard to get gives an "underhand slider".
Matt: Last night I was messing around with Tiffany and to my surprise she gave me an "underhand slider"! I was teasing the shit out of her and making her quiver...she couldn't take it and underhand slid it in.
Zak: Those are the best.....Kristen holds out and acts like she doesn't want it but I get an "underhanded slider" nightly.
Jimmy: I get underhanded by Sam all the time....she love the dick!
by Nomad Giz January 26, 2016
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