Someone who looks average looking at first glance (and not the type to get the hottest dating partners),
however, upon closer look,

their "average looks" interestingly, and deceptively are an illusion,
and can still use their looks to attract women/men.

Because physical attraction is *binary*.
A person with even just a few physical flaws can still pull the best since they're 'good looking enough'

Unfortunately, only ~20% of average looking people can use the title of unconventionally attractive.

The missing link for the remaining 80% of average looking people is lack of babyface, youth, head full of hair, exoticness (this is where race comes into play), and innocence.

Some of the most popular types of unconventionally attractive men include:
babyface boyish dudes
above average looking ethnic men that (Hollywood-based) society would consider a 6/10 in looks


Unconventionally attractive is NOT personality-based.
Chad: "Yo how the FUCK did is that boyish Indian guy going out with that hot blonde? I thought that ONLY buff tall guys like me with pronounced eye ridge, sharp jaw, hunter eyes, caucasian, and long wavy hair are qualified for girls THAT pretty. Must be his personality..."
Bill: "NO. It's not his personality. It's unironically his looks, believe or not. You see, he's unconventionally attractive, physically. Hot girls don't necessarily choose the 'best looking' guy by conventional standards. Surprise! All 200 million pretty women don't have the same exact taste in men. Stacy over there unironically REALLY digs effimate prettyboy types rather than beefcakes, so in a way, her pussy doesn't get wet when she sees you, mr.chad.
Chad: What is life... I've been lied to all this time. (mind explodes)
by 'name's Ernie.Who the heck ru? September 28, 2018
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