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A crap so large that it can only be defined as "ultra". This crap takes the cake of major craps. First it usually starts off as gas, then you might notice a faint odor as you accidently release what is known as a "wet fart". As you run to the bathroom you will probably have to take toilet paper and clean out the pudding that is left in your underpants. As you pull down your shorts and bend over on the toilet bowl, you release the most foul, disgusting ultrapoop of your life, losing about 20 pounds in the process. The stench has been known to decentigrate eyebrows.
(In public restroom)
Person 1: Dude, what's that smell?
Person 2: See the brown puddle in stall #4? I think someone made an ultrapoop!
by I like robots October 30, 2006
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