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When a guy shoots his wad on a girls stomach and spreads it around with an X-Box controller,PS2 controller,remote, or your limp cock. Similar to getting an ultra sound.
I gave a chick the ultra sound this morning.
by Randy J May 02, 2006
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Coming on a girl's stomach then rubbing your dick head in it.
Dude 1 - I can't believe you hit that bare-back. Tell me you pulled out at least.

Dude 2 - Of course man, I pulled out a gave her the ultrasound.


I ultrasounded the shit out of her gut.
by theonlygomanever December 12, 2008
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U.L.T.R.A.S.O.U.N.D.S. - an acronym for Unknown Lifeform TRacking System for the Organization and Utilization of Newly Discovered Species. This device is used to track alien invasions into our universe. see babies a.k.a aliens
The ultrasounds showed the use of the mother as a knowing host for the alien invasion
by Carl Sagan September 27, 2004
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