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Ultimate death football is an alternative to normal tackle football. The game is played on a concrete field instead of grass and the players use no pads or protection of any kind. Each time blood is drawn, the other team gets a ten yard penalty in their favor. Therefore, if a player on the offense is tackled and scrapes his knee, they lose ten yards, but if a defensive player gets knocked down and scrapes his knee, the offense gains ten yards. Take note however that the intention of the game is not to make people bleed. Just like normal football, the object is to get points. The rest of the normal tackle football rules apply.
Jonah: Woah dude; why's all the skin on your face gone?
Kilpatrick: Oh man, I just lost in a game of ultimate death football. You wanna play?
Jonah: Sure!
by Nottadoctor June 29, 2008
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