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a blonde whose face is disgustingly hideous in a manner that the only word you can stutter out is "ugly", but you're thinking way worse.

the subject's hair is blonde like a horse, but less flowy-in-the-wind. she thinks she's all that, but in reality she's an ugly old fag, who can't even get action from a poodle having an erection.

half the time she's a gay homosexual, and goes for any member of the human race. she thinks that boys grind her against washing machines, but they're actually trying to get away from her oversized vagina.

and her exboyfriend hits on her best friend because after their first night together, he realized that her vagina actually looks like a small penis.
-looks ugly blonde-
me: "damn.. you ugly...person."

ugly blonde:"who, like, me, like? OMG OMG OMG"

me: "no, the supermodel right next to you, you ugly FAG"
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