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an ugly ass paperclip ass troll ass ass ass person called eve who is very rude and a self-centred hoe she aint even cute even though she thinks she is peng as with her ugly ass paperclip ass troll ass ass ass not brushed in all eternity ass hair and her yellow ass gross ass ew ass teeth.
ugly eve: *breaths* HAHAHAHA i am so peng yano look at my cute ass ass ass ass hair that i totally brushed recently. LoL i Am SO IrONiC LOLOLOLOL let me fit in oh you have an inside joke let me in it even though i don't know what it is about even though its probably about me even though they are telling the thing to die and I'm jus leik LOl KiLL ThE UGlY AsS PapERClipAssASSAsS THING

random guy with a bowl cut: ew what is that

Girl with green hair: its an ugly eve that appeared from the long grass lets run away

RoobyBoobooloo: YaDoThAtMaybeSHERBERTTTTT
by PhansChild April 08, 2017
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