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To masturbate using an ugg boot as a pocket pussy--genuine is nicer with the furryness, although fake (and used) is a lot cheaper.
I can't believe myself--me, a self-identified transexual, just had an uggsterbation session with a pair of fuggs that don't fit me that I got for free--I need hormones (trying to figure out the stupid sperm banking now, I have a letter) and a vagina already so I won't get so horny that I'll waste a boot and so I can make masturbation cleaner and just use cheap dildos. Just one of the many benefits of womanhood I want (other than people doing things for you all the time and like them not being afraid to approach you, plus not being called gay, feeling myself, and being able to wear clothes I like--I could go on and on)...
by JessicaTheTranny October 13, 2009
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