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The weekend everyone at UConn looks forward to. Some weekend in April, everyone at UConn and anyone who knows anybody at UConn comes together to drink a lot, cause a lot of trouble, and just have fun.

Thursday night- carraige apts
Friday night- celeron apts
Saturday night- x-lot

X-lot is a huge parking lot where thousands of kids pack into and just have a giant party.
1.UConn Spring Weekend this year only had 150 duis, 50 assaults, 100 drug possesions, 454564545 parking tickets, and 2 flipped cars. I'd say it was a pretty tame spring weekend!

2. Kid 1: Dude I got a cop to play beer pong with me on spring weekend!
Kid 2: We are in CT, it's called beer pong asshole!

by CTjeff February 05, 2007
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