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A homosexual man who has a astute sense of esthetics; from his wardrobe to his home and travels and even those he chooses to surround himself with, all are chosen for the beauty and elegance that they project. This individual is always concerned with how things look or are displayed on him or around him and is a master of transformation. Although he can be feminine in nature he can easily tap into his masculine side and feel very comfortable around heterosexual men and vice versa. The uberhomosexual, regardless of his looks, is able to transform himself and work very well with any limitation he was born with, especially economic; he is friendly by nature but can attack with fierce retort if necessary. He sometimes can be perceived as vain or uppity and can attract jealousy especially from woman or men who are intimidated by his smooth and elegant nature.
uberhomosexuall Truman Capote, uberhomosexual Yves Saint Laurent, uberhomosexual Valentino, uberhomosexual Tom ford
by oliver hopewell December 03, 2011
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