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When you wait so long for your Uber that you shit your pants. There are two kinds of Uber shitters...those that will still get in the car with their shitty pants and that those that refuse to get in, out of respect for the upholstery.
After a big meal and several draft beers, Ryan and his crew needed an Uber to take them to the club. Their driver, Omar, was still 10 minutes away when Ryan started having terrible shit pains. Rather than risk missing the ride and disappointing his crew, he decided to hold it in till they got to the club....bad decision. With Omar but minutes away, Ryan dropped an Uber shit straight through his underwear and into his pants. The Uber pulled up to the curb and now it was crunch time. Ryan refused to get in the car, it was a matter principle. His crew jumped in and swore they would never tell anybody about the incident. Ryan stood alone on the sidewalk and called his mom to bring him pants and underwear.
by El Conquistador January 29, 2019
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the thin line between a fart and a shit. usually when this occurs, you are meaning to rip a nasty fart. however, you try to hard and actually leave a skidmark in your underwear. ONLY try this at home...anywhere else and you're shit out of luck (no pun intended).
Leroy: Um, why are you walking funny?

Bubba: Ubershit.

Leroy: 'Nuff said.
by Quigley D. November 15, 2007
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