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1. Intelligent ; likes to attend school. Has a high GPA
2. Gorgeous asf ; never has a bad day so don't ever expect a day when she doesn't look good

3. Can dance ; people always want her to host they dn parties or even club events
4. #BustABitch ; don't say anything out the way 🙊🙊.. I REPEAT DONT DO IT

5. HILARIOUS ; she tells too many jokes . I call it "pissy jokes" . she so funny

6. loyal and trustworthy 💕

7. Lesbian 👭🌈 ; afraid of penis and the look of it

8. About that paperwork ; having plenty of money 😍😎 . don't ever need handouts
9. Love family the hardest will go to war for them . especially her mom and little sister
Tytionia is on her shit. Tytionia do not like drama but do not mind busting the shit out of a bitch
by Tytionia June 18, 2018
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