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A typical highschool is a place where kids grow, bitch, whine, fuck, laugh, cry, and fuck some more. Students at a typical high school take it way too seriously. Its the beginning of the rest of your life, but it is not the end of the world. Basically, the cheerleaders, jocks, snobby rich girls, girls who act stupid, and players dont make it out alive once their typical highscool experience is over. A lot of students fail a grade in a typical high school because they are too worried about fitting in, doing drugs, and having sex. A typical high schooler is one who does what everyone else does, says what everyone else says, and cant think for themself. Everyone else, is called a normal human being.
Mary: "Can i be friends with you, im new here."
Sarah: "Uh, wtf! Wierdo!"
Mary: "Fuck you you typical highschooler, in a typical high school. Grow up."
Mr. Applegood: "Mary, i need you to step outside for a minute."
Mr. Apple good: "I fuckin love you, kill that bitch! Ill give you all A's."
by I AM ME & I AM BEAST July 04, 2011
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